Dr. Scott Young

Falling For Jesus: The Walk of a Lifetime

by Dr. Scott Young

Conrad is a college student living a normal life, when he has an experience of a lifetime – to walk with Jesus. Falling For Jesus: The Walk of A Lifetime will make you feel like you are the one walking with Jesus as he and Conrad have a conversation. Some of the information is part of my testimony, and others stem from a dream that I had about Jesus in the wilderness (Matthew 4). The short story is an extended analogy of what a teenager might say to Jesus,  and the Biblical style of how Jesus might respond. I reference Bible verses, but am mostly inferring what Jesus may say to this teenager. Read the excerpt below – and get the FREE ebook by completing the form!

“I am human,” Jesus spoke over his right shoulder as He was a few paces ahead of me.

“And…” Impatiently I queried but instantly was irritated with myself for being annoyed with God.

“So, you believe that, because I am God, as well as man at this time in My being, that I cannot be tempted? Being in human form brings about a temptation for the temporal. Have you heard in Revelation where I indicate through John who I have known for millennia but haven’t met in this reality yet that you will rule and reign over angels?”

Christian Writer, speaker, and audiologist Dr. Scott Young has researched World War II, Biblical Eschatology, and American Government and produced multiple books on those topics. Dr. Young has spoken on many stages and regularly releases videos on NESARA, the Bible, and Christian living on his YouTube channel. Share this link with friends and family so that they can get their free ebook too!

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