Dr. Scott Young

NESARA and The Federal Reserve

by Dr. Scott Young

There is so much about the American Government that is happening right now and we don’t even know about it. Dr. Young has spent hundreds if not thousands of hours researching the National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act (NESARA), and sharing his findings on his NESARA YouTube Channel. This FREE EBOOK will give you the overview of all you need to know about NESARA and The Feds – everyone needs to know about this! Start with this excerpt: 

Those who have researched the National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act (NESARA) do not realize some of the history behind the Act. It was created in 1988, by a farming organization trying to bring the government back in line with constitutional statues that it had fallen far away from. The day before 9/11, one of the shadows of our government, at the time, George Bush, Sr. (known as Poppy), was trying to kill the enactment of NESARA while his son’s CIA was attempting to destroy America through their own nefarious means by killing almost 3,000 US citizens in that fateful attack coordinated by the Deep State. This Act has been stuck in Congress for years, with no one willing to upend the contents upon the public for fear of implicating themselves in their criminal activities. Some indicators portend that as many as 70% of the Congress and Senate may have violated crimes against humanity and would be subject to multiple felonies causing each to reside in prison for the rest of their lives.

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Christian Writer, speaker, and audiologist Dr. Scott Young has researched World War II, Biblical Eschatology, and American Government and produced multiple books on those topics. Dr. Young has spoken on many stages and regularly releases videos on NESARA, the Bible, and Christian living on his YouTube channel. Share this link with friends and family so that they can get their free ebook too!

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