Near Diagnosis Experience: I was brought back for the storm


Demons, angels, natural and the supernatural all collided in Dr. Scott’s life one unexpected evening. In a split second, Dr. Scott found himself on a new journey into the unknown. Not expected to live and medicine could not supply the explanation or cure for what had instantly changed the life of Dr. Scott and his family. Most people reading this true account would only be able to say that Dr. Scott entered the “Twilight Zone” of a Near-Death Experience.

This book is a true account of one man’s journey into the unknown and how medicine could not supply the explmation or the cure for he dramatic even that could change his life forever. It will make you realize how precious you are to God, how Go answers prayers and how God will never leave or forsake you. He loves you and nothing is a surprise for God or is impossible for Him to heal.

Physicians could not figure out what had happened to Dr. Scott and test after test showed nothing. Wendy, his wife, was asked about the Do Not Resucuiatee Order and it seemed all hope was lost. Calls were made to friends and relatives and tremendous prayer for the family was started. That is when the miracle began and three days later, Dr. Scott was able to leave the hospital. Read and incredible story of healing and restoration! WHen one faces death, their perspective on life changes. Dr. Scott authors an intense book of life for an intense unexpected visit with near death.