Dr. Scott Young

Three Views of The Dark

by Dr. Scott Young

This novella will give you a shocking glimpse at the moments after death. Will you hear the words “well done good and faithful servant”, or will you be among those who hear “get away from me, I never knew you”? Dr. Scott Young writes three chilling experiences of final moments and the first steps into the darkness of Hell.

Grace started down that Dark path she had hated and feared. This road was always Dark, and it seemed to be a struggle to see the lines on the highway since her headlights were so dim. She continually contemplated the different courses which she might have taken to reach her destination, but this way always seemed to be the easiest and the fastest. Her fingers flit around the steering wheel as if paranoid that something was soon to happen on her journey…

Read the rest of Grace’s story, and the moments of Steve and Chanis inĀ Three Views of The Dark, and ask yourself: do I know where I am going after I die? If you’re not sure, you can have eternal life through Jesus Christ! Confess your sins, ask Him to be Lord of your life, and believe that Jesus died for your sins and rose from the grave to give you new life!

Christian Writer, speaker, and audiologist Dr. Scott Young has researched World War II, Biblical Eschatology, and American Government and produced multiple books on those topics. Dr. Young has spoken on many stages and regularly releases videos on NESARA, the Bible, and Christian living on his YouTube channel. Share this link with friends and family so that they can get their free ebook too!

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