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understanding NESARA/GESARAUnderstanding NESARA/GESARA

Learn the primary concepts that explain the NESARA history, why this action is vital, and some specifics on how it will likely affect your lives in the United States.

Understanding NESARA/GESARA

Learn the primary concepts that explain the NESARA history, why this action is vital, and some specifics on how it will likely affect your lives in the United States.

Dr. Scott Young Vision

Our vision is to organize Biblical information and make it accessible and useful to everyone. Dr. Scott Young Ministries will be recognized for a forward thinking ministry, aiming to prepare our community and students with practical understanding, from a Biblical point of view. In our rapidly changing world we will be equipping students with critical thinking skills, global perceptions, faith, and belief in the core spiritual principles of honesty, integrity, loyalty, truth and compassion for all.

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Understanding NESARA/GESARA

After conducting a thorough investigation, and researching everything concerning the topic of NESARA and GESARA, Dr. Scott Young has compiled these are the primary concepts that explain NEARA's history, why this action is vital, and some specifics on how it will likely affect your life in the United States.

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Falling For Jesus

Conrad is a college student living a normal life when he has an experience of a lifetime – to walk with Jesus. This short story will make you feel like you are the one walking with Jesus as he and Conrad have a conversation.

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NESARA and The Federal Reserve

The day before 9/11, one of the shadows of our government, at the time, George Bush, Sr. (known as Poppy), was trying to kill the enactment of NESARA while his son’s CIA was attempting to destroy America through their own nefarious means by killing almost 3,000 US citizens in that fateful attack coordinated by the Deep State.

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NESARA and the Feds

Dr. Young has spent hundreds of hours researching the National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act (NESARA). This FREE EBOOK will give you the overview of all you need to know about NESARA and The Feds

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Every Knee Will Bow

Dr. Young has spoken on many stages and regularly releases videos on NESARA, the Bible, and Christian living on his YouTube channel. This free ebook will guide you through Romans 14:11, a verse commonly used but not well understood.

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Three Views of the Dark

This novella will give you a shocking glimpse at the moments after death. Will you hear the words “well done good and faithful servant”, or will you be among those who hear “get away from me, I never knew you”?

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Featured Books

Revelations of the Red Pill

What in the world is NESARA/GESARA? How could they affect me? I have heard about the concept of the Red Pill but I don’t know how to apply it? What is going on in the world after Trump got out of office? Is the EBS a real thing? How will my life change? In this book, DR. Scott Young provides the answers you need for the soon coming changes to the nation.

NESARA and The Mark of The Beast

Nesara and the Mark of the Beast shows us clearly, accurately, and without producing fear what the system leading up to the Mark of the beast and economic times must be like in order to fulfill the scripture, “…you cannot buy or sell without the mark."  There is a great financial reset coming. How will that affect you? Is Nesara the Mark of the Beast? Find the answers within the pages of this book.

Rapture: Could There Be More than One?

There are so many questions and differing beliefs about the Rapture that most believers are confused and even fearful about this subject. This book helps to answer all your concerns in a scriptural, logical, and practical way. The understanding you will gain from reading this work of Dr. Scott Young will bring you a great peace and displace any fears you may have.

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About Dr. Scott Young

Dr. Scott Young Ministries is a teaching enterprise to spread knowledge, wisdom, Christian principles, and ideas of Bible-based faith, to a world searching for God’s principles, with the assurance that faith is a real answer.

We believe passionately in the power of instruction, knowledge, wisdom, and the ability to apply learning for the betterment of understanding spiritual principles and purposes.

Upcoming Projects

Jeff Swanson with his PlanBible.com came to Dr. Scott Young to create a fictional work about the Millennial Reign of Christ. Both Jeff and Scott have studied the End Times since the summer of 1982. Both study Scripture to glean what the Lord has to say about this subject. Revelation has an interesting promise in chapter one stating that all who read and understand this book of the Bible will have a special blessing from the Lord. They have taken that seriously and work on Eschatology whenever they get together to watch football or hangout.

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