I am asked this question so often. “But aren’t we in the Tribulation?” That morphs into the next set of questions:

  1. We must be in the Tribulation because I can find a couple of Seals from the book of Revelation (e.g., Third Seal of Hyper-Inflation and Fourth Seal of Pandemic) occurring today!
  2. We must be in the Tribulation since we are on the edge of WW Three.
  3. With NESARA, it will be peaceful (referring to 209 nations signing a peace treaty that they cannot create war with one another), which leads to the idea of 1000 years of peace! In a vacuum of knowledge and without searching the Scriptures, many people seem completely reasonable. They give relatively factual positional statements in that he or she doesn’t seem to be leading their flock astray. But is this truly Scriptural when people push certain Scriptural references to prove their point? Let me give you an example of that. At the end of most academic papers, one utilizes APA format, or the like, for references. The notation subsumes a (2) parenthesis. At the very end of the book or article, you read where they brought over the info from a website or another book. References are vital for exemplary research and for supporting your claim. But how many people research the realm of that website/book to know if the evidence is
    wholly understood.

To give you a Hollywood correlation, watch the twelfth season of THE BIG BANG series, a popular TV series from years ago. Shelton and Amy (a married couple, both with a genius understanding of math) are trying to solve a physics equation that seems nearly impossible to mount. Their references are impeccable until they ask their research friends to do an end note check of their sources. Leonard, a friend, notes that a Russian scientist in the 1970s had disproved their theorems heartily. This forces the couple into a several-week downward spiral of doubt and shame. But in a stroke of brilliance, they begin to conjure a new twist on the nature of their theories, which the original scientist never considered. It leads to a fascinating new angle in the heart of quantum physics that ultimately leads to the couple receiving a Nobel Prize, which happens to be Shelton’s lifelong dream.

But, how often do we check the references of our favorite Social Media expert, especially when correlating with the truth of Scripture? I see parroted phrases such as “the Vatican has hidden as many as 777 Biblical books under their auspices that cast severe doubt on the Bible that has only 66 books.” It’s so easy to confront this fallacy from the Bible itself.

  1. Matthew 5:18 (all in the HCSB version) “For I assure you (Jesus is speaking): Until heaven and earth pass away not the smallest letter or one stroke of a letter will pass away from the law until all things are accomplished.”
  2. Matthew 24:35 “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My Word will never pass away.”
  3. John 1 equates Jesus coming from the Father (connects Hebraic understanding of philosophy of their religion) along with Truth (known throughout the New Testament as a personality or I might call it a Person) and the Holy Spirit. To summate: Father=Son=Holy Spirit=Truth.

As a business owner, if I want to get a message out to my people, do you really think that anything can stop me from getting my message to my own people? Uh no! So, therefore, man is postulating that God can be “masked” and muted into not sharing His Word to His Bride because the evil Cabal has the ability to hide it from us. Again, I can prove that the Word of God is perfect in its symmetry (Consider watching my YouTube series called TRUTH AND LIES OF WHAT WE BELIEVE or visit
DrScottYoung.com to see my reasoning). Therefore, there are NOT 777 books under the Vatican that can be elevated to the nature of Scripture. Are there books secretly spirited away from view? Maybe, likely. Yet I don’t honestly care from a Biblical sense. They are NOT Scripture but historical and ancient texts. See: I just solved this by looking at the evidence of the Word of God by picking apart a fraudulent claim that has repeatedly surfaced.

We Must Be in the Tribulation

So how do we argue this when someone presents the concept? Simply, but let me devolve into the nature of this claim. Let’s say you didn’t watch the Stanley Cup run of 202 for the championship of ice hockey teams. But, you step into a pub in Canada where hockey is revered. They are arguing if Colorado could become the next Tampa Bay Lightning. Tampa Bay won two Stanley Cup championships in 2020 and 2021. They were within two games of winning their third Cup in a row. All the pundits predicted that Colorado, with their upstart and quick roster, could not solve the fantastic goalie in Tampa Bay. Knowing hockey to some extent, you fray into the conversation to be a part of the crowd stipulating that no one could beat Tampa Bay. What are they talking about? Madness in your mind knowing the past two seasons. How could any of your arguments be valid in this vacuum of historical knowledge that Colorado took the Cup with 16 wins to four losses? It was one of the top five finishes to a Cup run in NHL history! You find it incomparable to fathom. You find the crowd staring in dumbfounded amazement at your inane arguments until they raucously burst into fits of laughter and eventual mocking of your claims. You don’t know jack from which you speak! That’s similar to where I see it in the light of Scripture. Let me explain this position. What does the Bible contend about the beginning of the Tribulation? Daniel 9:27 foretold that a man would introduce a time of a week, understood in that context of seven years, where a peace treaty is put forth by many people groups for the peace of Israel. In the middle of that future timeframe, Daniel interjects that that peace treaty will be broken by the one who conceived it to desecrate the Temple in Jerusalem. Let’s step back for a moment. Was there a Temple or two in the Old Testament? Yes. From a Biblical perspective, there was never a time (other than before the first one) that the Temple didn’t exist, other than the restoration of the first to second Temple foundational to the Jewish religion. Here is where “we need to practice wisdom,” which intimates an understanding of where we are today and logic. Do we have a Temple in Jerusalem today? No! In one sentence, we have killed the basics of the idea that we are in the Tribulation. Why? Because we don’t have a Temple! If we don’t have a Temple, then the Anti-Christ (the guy that the book of Daniel, II Thessalonians and Revelation, to
mention a few) refer to as the man who will lead them into a Satanic time of destruction. Do you see how easy that was based upon the one Scripture? We don’t have a Temple now, so we can’t be in the Tribulation.

Secondly, Revelation Chapter Five intimates a conversation between the Angel and John, who has been transported into Heaven (a type of Pre-Tribulational Rapture event in Revelation 4:1). John seems to be freaking out that no one is able to open the Seals presented before the throne of God. He devolves into a pool of tears until the Angel chides him for his unbelief even in Heaven that “the Lamb who was slain is able to open the Seals.” This precedes the breaking of the First Seal, which has the First of the Four Horsemen of a dude showing up in White garb (hence the White Horseman) with a bow and no arrows. This indicates that he isn’t Jesus who shows up on the planet in Revelation 17:14 with a sword coming from His mouth, offing the enemies of God with the Word. This White Horseman comes to conquer. Note something that most, if they haven’t followed End Time teaching as long as I have over 37 years, you might not catch. Prophecy Teachers hypothesize that once the Church (the Bride of Christ) leaves the planet in the Pre-Tribulational Rapture, a group of men (note Tim LaHaye’s’ ideology of the Left Behind series) will find the right candidate to be the Anti-Christ figure to lead the Satanists into the End Times. They also reference the Seven Heads with Ten Crowns in Revelation as the leadership who present the world with their answer to the timing of the Tribulation. This is one thing that is clearly out of order. Note that ONLY Jesus introduces the Anti-Christ, or Jesus Christ introduces the Anti-Christ to the planet. Do you see the cosmic symmetry of the introduction into the physical realm?
Only later do we see the metaphorical images of the other leaders who will only be appointed by the main leader of the Anti-Christ.

In Revelation 13:1, John further clarifies the timing of the events that lead up to the last verse often quoted in Scripture of, which we will discuss in further detail later on about the Mark of the Beast. John tells of the First Beast, who comes from the sea, and then details that a Second Beast comes from the sands of the sea shore. Two points of conceptualization occur here. These are Beasts who are probably demons who create murder in the ranks of humanity for their warring spirit and hatred of Man. They will enter into a physical pact with the men called the Anti-Christ and False Prophet, respectively, as the First and Second Beast. John then describes how the False Prophet (who works to promote the Anti-Christ in all his works) creates the Image of the Beast. Lastly, we learn of the Mark of the Beast. Therefore, we don’t get to the Mark until we have the Beast. But that tells you another level of progression. You don’t get to skip those steps. Yet so many think that we currently have the “Mark” in our world today. Do we?

Now we have two overall references that the Anti-Christ has to be our initialization to the beginning of the Tribulation. And as I keep reminding people, Joe Biden isn’t the Anti-Christ if he can’t even pull up his own diaper or speak a sentence correctly. Obama or any of his Satanic predecessors don’t qualify as well due to their introduction upon the planet as a world leader. They are disqualified from the Bible’s own definition of the identifier of who the Anti-Christ was. The Word talks extensively about the topic. Christians want to consider the nature of Jesus’ First Coming and the over 600 prophecies He accomplished to prove He was who He was. Why would the Bible suddenly deviate from that nature? But now, I pivot to the Mark of the Beast, even though it is not one of the claims I mentioned above. “Isn’t the Vaccine the Mark of the Beast?” They point to the fact that
it has a Bluetooth signal to track the person that can be paired with the phone. The goal is that individual who is vaxed and boosted can receive the updates on their medical health not to mention their potential financial health. Yes, I have seen the claims. I also agree that it’s a type of the Mark of the Beast; I also agree that it’s Satan’s firm attempt to hijack the system so that he could bring about the Mark without the Beast. But that’s as far as I go along the Biblical lines. Satan wants to be in charge of the procedural ends of the world so that he can rig the game, much as the Cabal had tried to rig the Election with their Voting Fraud (consider the documentary Evidence of 2000 Mules) and Election Fraud (Mike Lindell’s documentary Absolute Truth). But you don’t get the Mark without the Beast. It could grammatically be termed the “Beast’s Mark.” That would be like an offensive coordinator’s playbook. “The Water Boy” was a fictional tale in which Adam Sandler is an older man-child with a significant learning disorder who mascots for a southern football team with the best water he can find. Once his anger is piqued by the poor starting quarterback of the ragtag team, Adam’s character plasters the quarterback into next week. His rage is used by the creative coach to shut down opposing offenses week to week. Another portion of the story is that the coach’s old nemesis has stolen his creative playbook on offense losing his confidence to a big-league college coach.

The Mark, as the playbook, cannot be stolen by a group of people or be used without the permission of God. Jesus opens the First Seal to introduce the one set up to create the seven-year peace treaty that he breaks with Israel (not a NESARA kind of thing). The Mark can only come about when the First Beast is activated by Jesus and not before. I believe God is looking down from Heaven, saying to Satan, “Nope, you don’t get to do this! And because you tried to fake your way into the End Times, I am
going to release on you the death of the Cabal as well as take from your people.” The Scriptures indicate several promises to the Righteous that we will stipulate in the end to give your encouragement. But Satan can’t accomplish the plans on his own. He must wait upon the One who made him…Jesus.

Aren’t we in the Tribulations because the Next Great War is on our Doorstep?

Here again, we note a detail that seems to apply but falls on many accounts. Move backward to the last paragraph. If the man known as Jesus didn’t fulfill the prophecies denoting for Him, would He still be considered the Son of God and the Savior of the world that the Bible foretells? No, that man would not qualify for the position He might seek. But, Jesus met them all. The Second Seal which is a World War. When the people of each timeframe perceive something that resembles an occurrence close to that which contends with a timeframe written in the Bible, they instantly jump on the bandwagon and harken the end of the world! World War One begins auspiciously when Prince Duke Ferdinand and his wife are slaughtered on the streets of Sarajevo. It claimed the lives of thirty million but was more commonly known as the War to End All Wars or the Great War. Those titles indicate how they believed we were in the End Times. When the Cabal instituted the League of Nations to usher in the 1000-year reign, it was Satan’s first attempt to bring about the fulfillment of Scripture in his own twisted justice. But, of course, that was not the predicted war of Revelation 6.

Nor was World War Two in its more than 70 million killed in a much larger scope which ended in the forming of NATO and the United Nations as an arbiter of peace. All of Scripture must be fulfilled to qualify as the idea of being completed in God’s eyes, as I indicated in Matthew 5:17. Nothing will be removed as a burdensome detail that doesn’t have to be conquered before it’s settled. How can another war that might come about by those who spout that we are on the edge of the Red Horse of the Apocalypse riding upon our lands begin without the initialization of the Tribulation through the Anti-Christ? It can’t! While many people want to discuss the Apocalypse as a great war of the “end of days,” they fail to realize that the word in Greek references directly to an unveiling of the truth, not a war. Even the Great Day of the Wrath of the Lamb that has with it an Armageddon battle cannot really be seen as a final battle in the book of Revelation. While it’s referred to as a battle, Jesus doesn’t need us to lift a finger as we transport behind Him with our frightening ability to ride from Heaven to earth. What a sight! At the end of the Millennial Reign comes a final but incredibly brief conflagration of nations under Satan’s gathering forces against God as he progresses to smite God from existence, only to find that his end has finally come after he is thrown
into the Lake of Fire never to exit. No, folks, there may be a False Flag even that is considered to be that World War Three, but it is not that Biblical Battle we are waiting for. Why would a potential WW Three from Russia or China not be the Biblical one? Look above! If we don’t have the Anti-Christ, we don’t have the WW Three of the Second Seal! Then “what about the Beast as a system or commonly referred to the Beast System?” Again, here is a common conversation in which I must wade. Does the Bible describe a person or a system? Are there ever times in which a system is decried? Yes. I can count many times, including Jesus bemoaning the nature of the Jewish religious order system or the nature of the Roman slavery that the Disciples mention. But how do we leap from a Beast to a Beast System? Biblically, you cannot. I know many who have spent numerous hours of video content explaining the ways, but they are all Extra-Biblical in nature. There is no Beast Sysytem since that cannot be supported in the Word. But, can I make the death and resurrection of Christ as having a replacement man who died upon the Cross so Jesus could be alive again? When does it stop in the eyes of those wishing to prove their claim? Never.

Each time we delve into the interpretative means, we have to be super careful in not juxtapositioning our views against that of the Bible in its clear claims. Late in the Book of Revelation, John makes a startling pronouncement after he has described the end of the physical world, including Heaven, he gives the warning that those who add to the book will have the plagues added to themselves, and those who remove anything from the book will have their own names removed from the Book of Life. Each time I work through supposedly non-sensical terminology in a verse, I classify it in my iPad Bible under DO NOT UNDERSTAND. I indicate the nature of the concern and allow that confusion to lie in the grass until God re-reveals it to me. Periodically, I revisit that section and pray to see if it’s time for the Revelation of that knowledge. So many people, when interpreting Scripture, never follow that maxim. My wife used to set my schedule for plane trips to business conferences—one time, she had me arriving two days early with no one there before the conference. I had taken my dream interpretation book, my iPad and a notebook. I began to interpret my dreams through prayer, meditation and study. I found two dreams were significant for that time but were more than three years old from the dream’s original date. How is it possible? God knew that I would take the time later on to interpret those dreams at the conference fallow timing, and that is how He showed Himself more real than I had ever known before. Too many miss that gift of waiting on the patience of God that seems interminable to the human mind stuck in time.

Many verses in the Bible could not be made sense of without the benefit of time. Revelation 9-10 indicates a future war, even farther after the Second Seal war, nearing the last year of the Tribulation in which more than one-third of the planet will be struck down in about thirteen months. That would be patently impossible if it weren’t for the introduction of nuclear weapons. Even the Ezekiel 38-39 war in chapter 39 seems to point to a limited and tactical usage of nuclear exchange on the eastern mountains of Israel. We don’t let the verses stay in their own lane of history. I have stated that too many people work to include the timeless inside of timeful events without the benefit of surrounding corroborating evidence. That means we might say that David Koresh was the Christ come in His Second Coming in 1993 as his role in the Branch Davidians. He went so far as to call himself a Sinful Christ because he forbade the families from remaining in their marital bounds and then took the women for his own. Of course, he was killed by the FBI and other three-letter agencies under despicable circumstances. That doesn’t mitigate the fact of his own sinfulness, but the event casts a pall on the nation and personal freedoms of, which we may one day explore that episode more clearly. Koresh was not the Christ, and he claimed we were experiencing the Sixth
Trumpet. One man in his flock took him to his Dean of Theology department in California, who could not surmount the theological claims that Koresh made relating to Scripture unfolding before their eyes. Uh, pretty dang easy! If we were living in the Sixth Trumpet of that moment, then where was the Fourth Trumpet where the comet Wormwood has hit the planet with plumes in the ocean? Where is the Fifth Trumpet where demonic creatures are stinging those who are not marked of God to be so painful that they want to kill themselves, but death flees from them for five months. That never happened, so I can kill the claims of Koresh and the above question with the chronological work of John in Revelation.

With NESARA, all the nations must remain at peace which is the forerunner of the 1000 years of Peace!

Here is their firm premise: inside of NESARA/GESARA, none of the 209 nations who have signed onto GESARA are allowed to make war with the other nations, or all nations will make war upon that one. They will all play inside the sandbox of peace together as one happy family, and we will reside in peace. Some go further and claim that we will enter the United Federation of Planets since Star Trek lore is a documentary of epic proportions in the way it presented the Federation to the worlds that sign onto it. Med Beds will enter the zones created by the Cabal to extend lives and cure all diseases and make you 30 years old again. We will all have one hundred million dollars because NESARA/GESARA documents that the St. Germain and the Rodriguez Funds will refund the people for their pain of the Federal Reserve/Central banks, Income Taxation of all nations, and the Fiat stealing of the Cabal. How could we not be going into 1000 years of peace? We obviously had a significant Tribulational timeframe living through this time of war, death, pestilence and destruction of property. Consider Minneapolis/Wisconsin as an example of ANTIFA’s “Mostly Peace Protests” spouted by the idiot CNN reporters will buildings burning to the ground in many major cities in 2020. I think that deserves a time of Great Wrath of the People inside the Military Tribunals so that the death of the Cabal is the death of bad people on this planet, destroying their ugly works of Child Trafficking and killing. Do you see how beautiful the narrative is created inside the above story? You will have wealth beyond your means and watch all Satanic being purged from our world in one final event of the EBS (Emergency Broadcast Signal or the Emergency Action Signal) along with Military Tribunals to curtail Evil for 1000 years along with war! But, is that how the Bible sees it? Nope. Let me again juxtapose a series of events you can download for yourself on my website DrScottYoung.com called the Timeline and my books and teaching series called HOPE IN THE LAST DAYS.

In the future, at some point, the nations of Russia and her Arab compatriots will create a secret pact to invade the land of Israel for the great wealth she possesses, along with the Unwalled villages that are not expecting war (very interesting that GESARA will bring them to peace with their neighbors for a time). It will be swift, but their destruction will be quicker. The dead of the invaders will fall on the ground after a local earthquake, a confusion weapon is unleashed, and then finally, a small tactical nuclear weapon makes their corpses litter the mountains of eastern Israel for seven months as they mark the dead and pick up the weapons to fuel themselves for the next seven years. It’s fascinating that Israel gets so ticked off that they launch “fire weapons” on the cities of Russia to punish them in Ezekiel 39, intimating a type of ICBM millennia before they existed (see more on those verses to know how many technologies are predicted by a man who lived in the seventh century BC). I believe this causes the need for the rise of one who can make peace with Israel, who always exacts an act of revenge on their enemies when they are attacked in this type of devastating unprovoked aggression. It may be one of the world’s reasons for a need of a man that fits the bill to “deal with the Jews” in a peace treaty. We then move forward to the Pre-Tribulational Rapture of the Bride of Christ in I Thess. 4:16-18. We fulfill that role in Him because of the Jewish wedding tradition of seven days of a ceremony and wedding feast that culimates in the couple living one year free in their new home He has built with His
hands (Seven Year Tribulation that ends in a time of Rest of the Millennial Reign). One we move into the Tribulation, which must have the Anti-Christ introduced by Jesus as the first of Seven Seals followed by Seven Trumpet, ending on Seven Bowls of Wrath that are ingeniously mentioned as worse and worse as we go. The first half of the Tribulation has WW III, hyper Inflation worse than we can even imagine today, plague and famine off the charts. A billion souls who have left the earth in the Rapture of the Bride causing chaos of the loss of services and grief of those left behind that includes all children off the planet, do you see how chaotic and bad it would be? It’s not the mythical peaceful time of the beginning of the Tribulation in the Tribulation.

Once we hit the mid part of the Tribulation, the Mark of the Beast has taken hold that all who don’t take it will be martyred and hunted for sport to reduce the population. Then we see most of the grass burned, seas turning to blood, wars everywhere, death growing exponentially and more loss of services, until the Anti-Christ is killed and then arises three days later to prove to the world he has taken up the mantle of Christ as the salvation of the world. You must then have allegiance to him only and worship him continually along with his damnable mark. In the Second Half of the Tribulation, Demons fly about the planet killing and maiming those who have accepted Satan as their God, then nuclear exchanges through the late period of the Tribulation. As Jesus shows up in the clouds to announce the beginning of His return in Revelation 14:14,16,
we find that the Bowls of Wrath will be poured out that all fresh water is undrinkable. Then all crops and grass are burned for good, and all commerce ends in the destruction of Babylon leading up the Armageddon in which Jesus wins that battle by the Sword of His Spirit quashing His enemies in that last battle. Matthew 24 intimated that if the days were not shortened, no one would be alive; or if one day was added to the end of that timeframe, all would be dead.

After the end of the Tribulation, the wicked, the Anti-Christ, Satan, and the False Prophet are taken by Michael the Archangel (did you know that Jesus isn’t the correlate of Satan as the Mormons believe but that Jesus sends Michael to do the job to them all?) are sent to the Abyss for a time (the Millennial Reign until Satan is released for a little while). Jesus spends that first 45 days cleaning up the planet while the rest of the saints and Old Testament folk are resurrected to rule and reign with Him from His throne in Jerusalem, while King David rules Israel. The people who stuck throughout the time of the Tribulation live in their bodies (but converted in the last ten days of the Tribulation) upon the planet to show that they are still subjected to sin, because “the devil made me do it” will not be sufficient to indicate the nature of sin. Jesus will prove that the heart of man is wicked. Once that timeframe ends, Jesus resurrects the wicked dead for their White Throne judgment where they are not written in the Book of Life and are tossed alive in the Lake of Fire along with Satan after his last failed attempt to tempt the world. Then Heaven and Earth will be destroyed by fire and remade as Heaven touches the planet. All who are left will be resurrected at the time to live together in Jesus’ heart in the Temple of the Holy of Holies.

That’s about the shortest version of more than 1000 verses that indicate an end time you will ever see written. Again, you can research the details of this on DrScottYoung.com of which you will receive a blessing (Revelation 1:3 for doing so). Let me ask you a question after the whirlwind resuscitation. Have we lived through that time yet??? Any of it??? If the answer is no on ALL of it, which all the world must be fulfilled, then those claiming we are walking into a thousand years of peace are wrong!!! Delete that mentality right now until you wish to walk away from the most perfect book ever written?

What Might Happen in the NESARA Timeframe?

I had never believed we would be in this mess of the NESARA timeframe. It was inconceivable. Thirty-one months ago, I was in Denver with my wife and newly 21-year-old son, seeing a Colorado Avalanche game and celebrating his birthday. As we left the arena, we were in for a long night. I awoke at two, telling my wife I didn’t feel well. Within twenty minutes, it was all the two of them could do to move me into the car as I was passing out. By the time we reached the hospital, I was nonsensical, and the ER physician asked Wendy if we had a Do Not Resuscitate order on file. The diagnosis of a severe stroke was given, awaiting the MRI. But then that cleared me of having a stroke, so they pivoted to Encephalopathy, seeking the next diagnostic test of the CT to confirm it. Forty pages of tests were run, and all the antibiotics they could pump into me to find not one test could corroborate the symptoms I was displaying in the ICU bed. My wife is very level-headed and a Master’s prepared Nurse with a clear understanding of what was occurring around her. But, this was her husband who was dying. That night, I saw four demons around my bed, keeping me in the battle for my life while I screamed in terror, requiring a nurse to check in every few minutes and console me back to a state of restfulness. My Ministry Partner was praying over me in Tulsa, asking the Lord to save me. She saw four angels about my bed in plaid shirts laying the blanket of Psalms 91 around my body. Those verses comfort many a soul on a dark night in relation to the “plague not befalling you” in verse seven. But verse eight would be more relevant to me in the months to come explaining why I was experiencing what I perceived. “You will ONLY SEE with your EYES and WITNESS the punishment of the wicked.” This is a curious verse that no one has bothered to place in relation to Revelation-based verses. Most assume incorrectly that they are for the world to watch a punishment in the Great Day of the Wrath of the Lamb. But I capitalized the relevant words in a physical perception of seeing the punishment. We, no matter whether you believe in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture or a Post-Tribulation Rapture, will NOT be here to witness that treatment of the wicked of which it clearly states. Therefore it refers to a time that is Pre-Tribulational in nature. After those three harrowing days in the hospital in December 2019, I stepped out of the ICU completely healed and utterly changed.

You can view my experience on YouTube or at DrScottYoung.com. I believe that God prepared me to see this time that would happen at the EBS in which the wicked of the Cabal have a military tribunal for their perverse crimes against humanity. Trump wrote about it in his Executive Order 13818, stating that those who were guilty of Crimes against Humanity would lose their property (a literal type of bankruptcy) of this ultra-wealthy population. In Proverbs 13:22 “The wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous.” That’s what I believe we are in the process of seeing if you are reading this in July of 2022. Why would God have this time? He wishes to bring as many into the kingdom as possible when they rip away the lies of the Cabal that is so endemic inside of the Mainstream Media, Hollywood and Governmental agencies. They have been riff with their own wins until Trump took it all away. They wished to institute the Mark without the Beast. God then told them no, as I mentioned earlier. When God took that away from the Cabal, He sentenced them for the Child Trafficking they have compiled against themselves that is even abhorrent to hardened criminals in the prisons. You won’t last long once they find out that you have violated their code of harming little kids. They have long rejected Christ in their quest for world domination and Satanism. They will have to pay by the world’s standard of the death penalty, and in Election Fraud, maybe twenty years in prison.

This IRS was a collection agency of the Criminal Federal Reserve stealing from the people. They were supported by Congress who violated the Constitution by allowing a private agency to control the money creation outside of their mandates. The Federal Reserve Debt is illegal by the 14th Amendment and the 4th Section deleting that level of payment. And once you find how illegal Compound Interest is, it wipes out the debts of each of the world’s citizens and even businesses sidled with that ugly and unpayable debt that is also Unconstitutional inside the First Article and the Tenth section. Your money will return to Gold, IRS will be deleted from your paychecks, and your debts will be wiped out with the ability of Trump to take from the Cabal into the kitty of the St. Germain and Rodriguez Funds for humanitarian projects worldwide. It’s not a question of “Are we in the End Times or the Tribulation?” It’s not “Is the vaccine the mark of the Beast?” That all comes later. Be assured, we are not in the very end of time, but we are ending ONE time type of timeframe that leads to a really co o l age of NESARA (that I believe will occur for a few years). Take heart! It’s not the end times, but it is an end of a time and a new day.